Do you need a marriage tune-up? Are you in need of enrichment and refreshment in your marriage? 

The Art of Marriage weekend is a Friday night through Saturday afternoon retreat from the daily routine to come learn about God's design for marriage and how your marriage can be enriched.  It is a weekend focused on building your marriage upon the Rock of Christ and discovering how you and your spouse can grow in intimacy with God and with each other.  The Art of Marriage event is based on a DVD series provided by Family Life, a ministry co-founded by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, who have been married for over 40 years.

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggrichs is a totally unique approach to the thinking, speaking, reacting and general behaviorial differences between men and women that cause unnecessary problems in marriage.  Once you deepen your understanding of these differences it will make a huge difference in your relationship to your spouse and to Christ.  For this weekend event we have taken a 6 week small group program and repackaged it.  Unlike Art of Marriage there is group discussion on a limited basis if you desire to participate.

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Overnight accommodations are available in Roanoke Rapids, Genesis House, or on a limited basis, guests may stay at Longview in private bedrooms with a shared bath. Request more information here or call (252) 578-8799.

Genesis House  How about your own private retreat?  The Genesis House is a private one bedroom, bath and a half cottage with full kitchen completed in 2016.  It is an ideal place for you and your spouse to getaway from this crazy, hectic world we live in and reconnect or whatever your marriage may need.  The farm is a great place to slow down and go for a walk.  Maybe you could take a day trip from here--you choose.  If that includes a visit with Joe and Jane, we want to help.  If all you need is time away together, we understand that too.  Please see pictures in the Gallery.



Thinking of tying the knot?  Before you buy the ring or say "I do," take some time to invest in the foundation of your soon-to-be marriage.

Prepare/Enrich™ is a relationship inventory that operates as an online survey to ask the questions of you and your potential future spouse that you may not have thought to ask. By addressing each of these questions as a couple, you will come to a greater understanding of each other and learn how to jointly address potential pitfalls and strengths of your marriage. Once you answer the survey questions online, facilitators Jane and Joe Brown, sharing their 35 plus years of adventures in marriage, will walk with you and your future spouse in a face-to-face meeting through the survey to address any concerns and provide tools for starting your marriage on a solid foundation. 

Additionally, existing marriages can quickly pinpoint areas of opportunity for growth where they may not currently see eye to eye. Many couples put their best foot, face, fill-in-the-blank forward before marriage, and not until later do significant differences pop out. These marriage stressors can be faced with truth and love for speedy resolution.

Contact us at (252) 578-8799 for more information.


We're here to serve those who serve.  We offer a setting for leaders to rest, recharge, and remember their vision and focus.  Leadership retreats are loosely-structured retreats for quiet renewal.  If you and your team of pastors, missionaries, or marriage-ministry leaders want to find a space to think, dream, appreciate your team, and collaborate, then contact us here for more information about tailoring a leadership retreat for your group of leaders.